Our School

Trillium Public School opened its doors in 1973, and has since been the hub of a diverse, energetic, and caring community.  We are passionate in our belief that each child can be successful given the time and support to be so.  It is our goal to partner with our parents in helping to raise positive and productive members of the community.

Located in southwest Kitchener, our FDK to Grade Six population currently feeds into Laurentian Public School.

Our students enjoy walking to school from Westmount Road in the west to Strasburg road in the east, and from Chandler Drive in the north to Block Line Road in the south.  Our students enjoy their involvement in a variety of leadership opportunities, lunch room helpers, office helpers, AV helpers, milk helpers, and pizza helpers.  Students have the opportunity to be part of various school teams and clubs.

Representing over 25 different cultures and languages, Trillium students represent a diverse and inclusive community.

Our Staff

Trillium Public School boasts a talented and committed team of teachers, paraprofessionals, and a support staff who give 100% to their students and families inside and outside of the classroom.  They are very committed to professional development, staff training, and parent communication.  They identify continuous professional development needs and opportunities and attend workshops that enhance our learning community.

Parents and Community

The School Council provides active leadership by partnering to organize events (Theme Days, Parent Meetings, Workshops) and fundraising activities.  This fundraising has been greatly appreciated, as it has allowed our students to have enhanced classroom resources, participate in field trips, and attend educational assemblies.  We would love to see more families involved in our School Council, and encourage you to come out to a meeting.  Meetings are held once each month.

For more information, please visit our School Council page.

School Improvement Plan and Initiatives

As a learning community, Trillium continues to focus on Mathematics and prioritizing Equity Education.  Our staff attend regular Professional Development on these topics and we are concentrating our efforts in the classroom to provide our students with teaching strategies that meet their needs, supporting the diversity of our community,  and fostering the success of our students to be active members of our global society.