Nutrition for Learning

Volunteers coordinate and deliver a variety of healthy snack options to classrooms. These snacks are accessible to students five days per week. Our students benefit greatly from this program. If you would like to donate in support of it, please follow the link below:

Academic Programs

Educational excellence is a high priority at Trillium.  We have a strong focus on early literacy and Special Education support.  We offer a range of programs including: Strong Start, Early Literacy Intervention, and a comprehensive Home Reading Program.


Special Education Programs

We have specially trained Special Education Resource Teachers who work with a team of professionals to address the individual requirements of each student.  Depending on their strengths and challenges, some students are withdrawn from the classroom environment, while others are supported within their classroom.  Through our School Based Team, a committee of teachers and administration meet weekly to discuss academic programing for students, creating appropriate supports to ensure successful learning for all our students.


English as a Second Language Program

For our students whose first language is not English, we provide extra English Language instruction through our ESL teacher, who is in our school for a part of three days a week.  She works directly with some students as well as supporting teachers in their planning around programming for non-native speakers.


Facilities and Resources

Trillium has 11 classrooms, a computer lab, and some smaller learning areas.  Our Special Education room is located in the office area and has a variety of learning and technical tools for our students.  Our gymnasium is fully equipped and well used with a drop stage for student performances and assemblies.

Outside, we have a large, spacious and well-kept playing area for our students.  We have two creative playgrounds, one for grades 1-6 and one for our full day kindergarten students.  We also have a full size soccer field and two baseball diamonds.


Clubs and Activities

Students at Trillium have many opportunities to participate outside of the classroom.  Some available activities are:  Track and Field, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Choir, Ballroom Dance, and Softball.